Looka AI Logo Maker Review

Creating a professional logo design used to be an expensive and time-consuming process that required hiring a graphic designer. But today we’re going to review a tool that makes it much faster, and more affordable for entrepreneurs to get a polished looking logo; Looka’s AI-powered logo maker.

Quick Description of Looka

Looka is an online logo creation tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique logo designs in minutes. With Looka, anyone can create a high-quality logo, even if they have no graphic design experience.

The best part is you don’t have to settle for a generic, cookie-cutter logo. Looka’s AI generates customized logos tailored to your business name and preferences. The advanced technology analyzes your input and produces professional logo options incorporating your business name, relevant icons, colors, and fonts.

Whether you’re starting a new business, rebranding, or just need some new brand assets, Looka makes it simple to get a complete visual identity without breaking the bank. Their logo maker empowers entrepreneurs to craft logos that once required an expert designer.

With Looka, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer and wait days or weeks for logo options. Their user-friendly platform lets you craft a unique, customized logo in just minutes. Keep reading this review to learn how Looka’s AI logo maker works and see if it’s the right choice for your business.

Overview of Looka

Formerly known as LogoJoy, Looka leverages advanced artificial intelligence to automatically generate unique logo options tailored to your business. This revolutionary technology instantly creates customized logo designs incorporating your company name, relevant icons, fonts, colors, and more.

The key to Looka’s AI is that it analyzes your business name and industry to produce on-brand logo designs. When you input your preferences and business name, Looka’s algorithm studies thousands of data points to generate logo ideas that are a relevant fit for your company.

For example, if you enter ‘Sunshine Bakery’ as your business name in the food industry, Looka’s AI might automatically incorporate sun and wheat graphics into vibrant, appetizing color schemes fitting for a bakery brand.

The algorithm is constantly learning, allowing it to produce high-quality, on-trend logo designs in line with current graphic design best practices. So you don’t have to worry about getting outdated or amateurish logos.

Looka’s artificial intelligence takes the hassle out of logo design. In mere minutes, you can generate an unlimited number of logo options without needing any technical skills or hiring a designer.

Key Features of Looka

Looka stands out from other logo makers thanks to its advanced AI capabilities and range of useful features. Here are two of the core benefits you’ll get with Looka’s logo creator tool.

AI-Powered Design Process

The magic of Looka lies in its artificial intelligence-driven design process. When you enter your business name, industry, and design preferences into Looka’s logo maker, the AI generates an endless number of unique, customized logo options within seconds.

You can instantly tweak the logos by changing the icons, fonts, colors, and layouts while preserving the overall design aesthetic. Looka’s AI updates the logos in real-time, combining your edits with auto-generated elements tailored to your brand.

There’s no limit to the logo variations you can create with Looka’s intuitive editing suite.

The AI learns your taste as you give thumbs up or down to logos, further refining the designs to your brand style. This creates an automated yet personalized logo design experience that would typically require a human graphic designer.

Extensive Branding Materials

The best part is that with Looka, you aren’t just getting a logo. Their AI logo maker provides all the branding materials you need to establish a professional brand identity.

After confirming your chosen logo, you can easily generate coordinated business cards, social media assets, banner ads, letterheads, website graphics, and more. Looka offers 1000+ high-quality templates to showcase your new logo across media channels.

This makes it a breeze to quickly create a cohesive brand experience, from your business cards to Instagram posts. Looka’s templates allow you to reinforce brand recognition without having to hire multiple designers.

Getting Started with Looka

If you’re seriously considering giving Looka’s AI-powered logo maker a try, then signing up is simple, free, and only takes a few minutes.

How to Create Your Looka Account

  1. Go to Looka.com and click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner.
  2. Enter your email address and create a password. Looka does not require credit card information to create an account.
  3. Choose your plan. You can select the free plan to start, and then upgrade to a paid subscription at a later stage. Premium plans unlock extra features.
  4. Once your account is created, you’ll be prompted to name your business. Enter your company or brand name.
  5. Select your business industry from Looka’s dropdown menu. This ensures the AI generates relevant logos tailored to your field.
  6. Personalize your design style by picking your brand colors, fonts, icons and more. This further customizes your logos.
  7. Click ‘Create Logos’ and Looka’s AI will instantly generate 100+ unique logo options based on your inputs.

The sign up process takes about 5 minutes. After creating your account, you can dive right into customizing and editing auto-generated logos based on your brand identity.

Once you’ve created your Looka account, you’ll be brought to the user-friendly dashboard to start designing your logo.

Selecting Your Design Preferences

Looka makes it easy to generate on-brand logo ideas tailored to your business. On the dashboard, you can:

  • Edit your company name and industry so Looka’s AI suggests relevant concepts
  • Browse hundreds of fonts, color palettes, symbols and icons to define your brand style
  • Select the fonts, colors, and symbols you desire, for the algorithm to incorporate
  • Toggle between icon, lettermark, and monogram logo types

Tweaking these preferences automatically triggers the AI to update the logo designs in real-time. This allows you to get a feel for your brand identity.

The fun really starts once Looka’s AI generates logo options based on your inputs. You can deeply customize the logos with just a few clicks.

You can swap out fonts, colors, icons and symbols while preserving the overall design, and tweak the icon shape, orientation and size.

Once you’re done just save the edited versions of logos without affecting the original AI-generated version

Looka makes it easy to explore endless logo possibilities. You can spend hours playing around with different color and font combinations while retaining design elements that reinforce your brand.

Creating a Logo with Looka

With Looka’s user-friendly editor, you can craft a custom logo that perfectly represents your brand in a few simple steps:

  1. Select a design style: Browse Looka’s logo types like lettermarks, monograms and icons. Pick your favorite to start customizing.
  2. Refine the icon: Swap out the icon for something that better matches your brand identity. Search through thousands of icons.
  3. Edit the font: Choose from Looka’s extensive font options to find one that aligns with your brand style.
  4. Customize the color palette: Use Looka’s color editor to modify colors, add gradients or patterns that make your logo pop.
  5. Arrange the elements: Adjust the size, spacing, orientation, and positioning of logo elements like icons, text, and shapes.
  6. Explore variations: Take advantage of Looka’s AI by clicking ‘refine logo’ to see new renditions incorporating your customizations.
  7. Save your designs: Name and save your logos to access later. Save multiple versions as you iterate.

The beauty of Looka is that you can drastically transform a logo with just a few clicks. Tweaking any element triggers the AI to suggest new variations tailored to your edits. This allows endless customization possibilities without needing design expertise.

Within minutes, you can craft a unique, professional-quality logo representing your brand identity and style thanks to Looka’s AI capabilities and simple editor.

Beyond Logos: Building Your Brand Identity

The logo is just the start to your branding process. Looka provides all the tools you need to create a complete, professional brand identity.

Utilizing the Brand Kit

After purchasing your chosen logo design, you gain access to Looka’s Brand Kit for building out branded assets.

The Brand Kit allows you to generate coordinated designs including:

  • Business cards featuring your logo
  • Letterheads and invoices for professional correspondence
  • Email graphics for consistent branding in newsletters
  • Website elements like banners, graphics, and navigation
  • Signage like coupons, gift certificates and window/door signs

Looka makes it easy to quickly design hundreds of on-brand asssets to establish brand recognition. Pre-sized templates let you showcase your logo across mediums without extensive design experience.

Designing with Social Media Templates

Looka’s library includes tailored graphic templates sized for different social platforms.

You can quickly create eye-catching posts featuring your logo for:

  • Facebook cover/profile images and ad formats
  • Instagram story images, feed posts, and ads
  • Twitter headers, posts, and cards
  • YouTube channel art, thumbnails, and more

Optimizing your visual social presence strengthens brand consistency. Looka’s templates help reinforce brand familiarity through customized graphics designed for top social media apps.

Looka Pricing and Plans

Looka offers several packages to meet different logo and branding needs at affordable price points.

Brand Kit Subscription

The Brand Kit Subscription provides a robust set of branding assets for $96 per year billed annually. It includes:

  • Unlimited logo revisions
  • Full ownership rights
  • High resolution vector logo files
  • Exclusive offers worth over $3,000
  • 20+ social media logo versions
  • 50+ social post templates
  • 19+ customizable business cards
  • 8+ email signature designs
  • 10+ branded letterheads
  • 10+ invoice templates
  • Brand guidelines
  • 300+ auto-updating assets

This is the ideal package for establishing a complete visual brand identity beyond just a logo.

Brand Kit Web Subscription

For $129 per year, this plan includes everything in the Brand Kit Subscription plus an AI-generated website fully on-brand with your logo and styles.

Basic Logo Package

The Basic Logo Package is a one-time $20 payment for a low-resolution 1000×1000 pixel logo file to present initial ideas to a designer.

Premium Logo Package

For a one-time fee of $65 you get:

  • Multiple high-res PNG, EPS, SVG, PDF files
  • 4 color variations
  • Unlimited post-purchase edits
  • Full ownership and commercial rights
  • Lifetime customer support

This premium package is ideal if you just need a polished logo without supplementary brand assets.

Evaluating your specific branding needs and budget will determine the best Looka package for your business. Their tiered offerings provide flexible options to fit any stage of establishing your visual identity.

Support and Resources

Looka aims to provide helpful customer service and educational resources to guide their users.

Customer Support

The Looka team is available to assist customers via:

  • Live chat support – Chat with a live representative during business hours or leave a message anytime.
  • Email – Send your questions to support@looka.com for a response within 24 hours.

Support is focused on technical issues, help with the editor, and assistance finalizing your logo and brand kit designs. Their team can walk you through the platform to troubleshoot any problems.

Additional Resources

Looka offers several self-help resources including:

  • Help Center – Search questions or browse articles covering account setup, editor guides, downloads, payments, and more.
  • Tutorials – Short video tutorials provide overviews of using the editor, selecting fonts and colors, customizing your brand kit, and navigating other features.
  • Blog – The company blog features inspirational brand examples, design tips, and interviews with entrepreneurs about their branding experience.

Between responsive email and chat support plus comprehensive help articles and tutorials, Looka provides the guidance needed to harness their AI-powered graphic tools, even for design novices.

Pros and Cons of Looka Logo Maker

Should you use Looka AI to design your business logo? Here are some key advantages and potential drawbacks to consider.

Advantages of Using Looka

Looka delivers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs seeking quality, customized logos on a budget:

  • AI-generated designs – No need to be a designer with Looka’s AI creating unique relevant logos tailored to your brand in seconds.
  • Intuitive editor – Easily customize AI logos without graphic design expertise thanks to the user-friendly editor.
  • Brand kit included – Most packages come with professionally designed brand kit templates for consistent branding across materials.
  • Cost savings – Affordable pricing compared to hiring a graphic designer, especially factoring in all brand kit assets.
  • Easy revisions – Tweak your logo or brand materials even after purchase by logging into your account.
  • Speed – Get a polished, on-brand logo and collateral in minutes or hours instead of weeks.

Potential Drawbacks

A few limitations to note about the Looka software include:

  • Lack of human touch – AI logos may be more generic than a custom designer’s creative vision.
  • Template branding – Brand kit materials use templates which may appear too formulaic.
  • Ownership concerns – Some packages only provide limited rights or resolution files.
  • Required internet – You need an internet connection and account login to access your Looka logos and templates after purchase.
  • Limited support – Customer service is primarily via email, chat, and help center resources, so you don’t really get that one-on-one attention that a private graphic designer would give you.

Looka – Our Final Verdict

Is Looka Right for Your Business?

After over 20 years helping entrepreneurs build brands, I can confidently say Looka is a game-changer for DIY logo design thanks to its AI capabilities and extensive brand kit.

The days of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to design agencies for static logos and branded templates are over. Looka makes professional branding achievable on modest budgets for new and growing businesses.

Specifically, Looka excels at providing entrepreneurs an intuitive platform to craft unique, customized logos that once required hiring a designer. The AI logo generator and editor allow anyone to iterate stylish brand assets tailored to their company’s image and style.

And Looka expands beyond logos with pre-designed templates to unify branding across business cards, websites, packaging, and more. This delivers immense value, especially for bootstrapping a brand identity as a startup.

For entrepreneurs who want quality, on-brand design without breaking the bank or waiting weeks, I highly recommend giving Looka a try.

Have you tried designing branding with Looka? Share your experience using their AI logo maker in the comments below.

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